Why to attend

The event will be unique blend of Corporate, NGO/ Audit/ Consulting and Academia. The summit will foster the Academia-Industry interface and can be highlighted in rankings and reporting to government agencies too. INDIA CSR News Network is a known brand in CSR Domain and would be able to spread the information on world level. Some other online partners will also share the information on their portals.

For Corporate Presenters

  • The summit will have 100+ representatives from CSR domain at one place. The participants will learn from experiences of others.
  • Expert panel suggestions might further enhance value of CSR projects.
  • Extensive Online and Social Media will cover the summit and help in getting attention of stakeholders.
  • Corporate can collaborate with the academicians too for developing the projects in to academic case studies, which can be published internationally.
  • Stakeholder engagement will result in enhanced presence of the organisation.

For Audience

  • NGOs and Audit firms will get an opportunity to network with the renowned CSR Leaders.
  • Learning from presentations and expert talks will further enhance the knowledge of audience.
  • Participants from academics will get an opportunity to network with corporate leaders and associate for the research projects, guest talks etc.

Students with an interest in CSR and sustainability will get to know the recent trends and how the future is taking shape in this domain. The summit will help the students prepare for corporate life.